FASP is a proven leader in managing accounts receivable.

We offer a full range of services aimed at preventing and curing delinquencies of private individuals resulting from lending activities (bank loans, credit cards, loans from microfinance lenders), utility services, telecommunication services etc.

FASP will bring you benefit by:

  • verifying available contact information of private individuals to prevent potential loss of contact (a very smart service to use before you agree to approve a new customer);
  • providing a full range of contact center activities (with focus on state-of-the-art digital channels and technologies);
  • arranging field visits in appropriate cases;
  • searching for valid contact information ("skip tracing" in the realm of "big data");
  • assisting in legal procedures.
  • All of the above with one goal - collect more cash for you in a faster way.

    Flag your interest by dropping a message to sales@fasp.ru

    Or use a good old conventional way - pick up a phone and call +7-495-641-2413.

    +7 (495) 641-24-13


    Financial Debt Collection Agency

    FASP, incorporated in 2004, is the first professional collection agency in Russia. FASP is an abbreviation which stands for Finansovoye Agentstvo po Sboru Platezhey (Financial Debt Collection Agency). Launched by experienced and enthusiastic entrepreneurs in the sphere of banking, finance and security, FASP is the foundation for a whole collection industry in Russia and several CIS countries.

    Three years after launch FASP initiated National Association of Professional Collection Agencies (NAPCA) to succeed in building a civilized collection industry in Russia as a whole. Today FASP operates not only in Russia, but also in Kazakhstan.

    Being pioneers of the industry FASP and its founders enjoy a strong reputation of trustworthy, honest, highly-skilled partners. If you need assistance in managing delinquent payments of your customers, do not hesitate to contact FASP to get such help in a fast and professional way.

    Financial Debt Collection Agency

    Office A314, 11 Derbenevskaya Naberezhnaya, Moscow, 115114, Russian Federation

    Tel.: +7(495) 641-24-13

    Fax.: +7(495) 641-24-14

    e-mail: sales@fasp.ru

    For calls from outside of Moscow: +7(800) 775-17-30 (calls are free-of-charge)